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Brooke Locke is passionate about swimming and sharing this passion with people of all ages. While in college, she started to give swim lessons and the rest is history! Swim Lessons by Waterscape first opened in 2017 in Brooke’s backyard pool. Since then, the business has grown and is now housed in an enclosed location with 3 pools!


Brooke came to the SBDC in 2020 looking for help on how to create a strategic plan to fit her growing business. She worked closely with SBDC Business consultants who were able to help her create a business plan along with marketing strategies to utilize in her business. These tools allowed Brooke to take the step to build her new business location in the summer of 2022!


We caught up with Brooke to learn more about what Swim Lessons by Waterscape is up to and what advice she has for other small businesses.


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Swim Lessons by Waterscape
Brooke Locke

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