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Local stories of good news, hope, and positive direction, this is what The Upbeat Reporter is all about. Mary Kay Kuhrts has been dreaming and working on making this publication a reality since 1988. With the SBDC's help, it's latest iteration began in June of 2019! Mary Kay says her magazine is more important than ever in today's climate. "With the state of the economy uncertain", Mary Kay says, " we need to remind ourselves of the wonderful things that are occurring in our community. So many people have stepped up to help their neighbors and to provide for the families most affected by the pandemic.  These are the people that The Upbeat Reporter focuses on, whether the stories highlight an unsung hero or a business that is utilizing its resources in a way that will make the most impact on the community." You can find The Upbeat Reporter at many locals including gas stations and grocery stores throughout the Texas Panhandle. It is also included in the Sunday edition of the Canyon News.


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Upbeat Reporter

Mary Kay Khurts

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