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Krista Orr is the visionary owner behind The Art Plug-In, a dynamic art space that embodies her passion for inclusivity and creativity. With a deep love for art and a strong belief in its power to unite and inspire, Krista has created a haven where everyone can experience the magic of artistic expression.

Krista's journey as the owner of The Art Plug-In is deeply rooted in her belief that art should be accessible to everyone. Her passion for art and her desire to create an environment that fosters artistic expression drove her to establish a space where artists can thrive, collaborate, and showcase their work, regardless of their background or level of experience.

Krista came to America’s SBDC at WTAMU in June of 2022 looking for help with a business plan to transform her already established business. She worked closely with Business Consultant Shane Groff on exploring how to expand her business and the different business filing structures that could benefit The Art Plug-In.


What is your name and the name of your business.

My name is Krista Orr and I am the owner of the Art Plug-In.


Why did you start your business?

I wanted a space that artists could come together. It was supposed to be more like an artist co-working space. Artists can get kind of lonely sometimes working so I wanted a space where they could come and use professional tools and have fellowship and things like that. The original plan did change but it was just to give people a place to come and create.


What’s your favorite memory in the business?

My favorite memory? There are so many good ones, but probably just getting to see the kids when things just click. We were doing a kid’s class and I had been teaching them for a while and then just out of the blue, one kid gets it and then another kid gets it, and you just see their faces light up!


What’s the most rewarding part about owning a business?

Being able to say that I actually did it. It’s a personal mountain that I climbed. I’m definitely one of those to jump out of the plane and build the parachute on the way down and I can say I’ve been successful at that.


What makes your business different from your competition?

We are a Do-It-Yourself art studio. At a lot of art studios here in town are paint and sips or they teach workshops. We have open studio where people can just come in, sit down, choose something to paint. We have instructors on hand to be able to help with that but then we also offer workshops and classes and a little bit more than other studios offer.


What’s your advice for other small businesses?

Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick something small and start it. Pick something that your very passionate about, start it and perfect it before you add more to your plate.

The Art Plug-in
Krista Orr

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