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Edna Wisckaemper, owner of People's Success Consulting and Development, is truly passionate about helping people find their full potential and reaching it! Edna is dedicated to transforming company dynamics through comprehensive leadership training. With a wealth of experience in leadership development, she tailors training programs that empower individuals to become impactful leaders in their respective roles.


Edna came to America's SBDC at WTAMU in January of 2016 and worked closely with SBDC Regional Director, Gina Woodward, to turn her idea for a consulting business into a reality.

What is your business and how do you serve your customers?

My business is called People’s Success Consulting & Development and I started it in 2016. After working for maybe 26 years in the training and development industry for global corporations, I decided to start my own business in a way I could align my values with the services I was providing and perhaps use a model that would allow me to customize solutions for my clients.


What’s a favorite memory in the business?

The most recent one I have is when one of the employees of one of my clients came to me after he won a national award in leadership and said “Thank you for believing that I could do it”. I felt a lot of joy because that’s my passion; to help people become the better version of themselves!

How does your business get to positively impact your community?

By improving the culture and engagement within an organization as well as helping them with their employee retention.

What is something you wish someone had told you before you started your business?

Realize that things might go slower than you want them to go, it takes time to build a business, credibility and trust. Make sure you built trust with your clients because that’s a key component.

What book do you recommend to others to read?

My all-time favorite is the book of Wisdom – the Bible, but other than that another favorite is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and one by one of my close friends called “48 Days to the Work You Love”.

Get in touch with Edna on her website people's success and follow her on Facebook.

People's Success Counseling & Development
Edna Wischaemper

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