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Founded in 2020 by Christie Davis, Panhandle Handmade Market is the perfect place for local artisans to gather and showcase their handmade creations. When Christie couldn’t find a market for only handmade creations to sell her own trade items, she took matters into her own hands and created her own! Christie came to SBDC consultant Gina Woodward in 2020 and started her market the same year!


Panhandle Handmade Market is a celebration of craftsmanship, showcasing a diverse array of handmade products from vendors who share Christie’s passion for quality and originality.

DON'T MISS THE NEXT MARKET Nov. 25th in Wheeler TX @ the Agrilife Building 

What is your business and when did you open your business?

I’m Christie Davis, my business is Panhandle Handmade Market and we opened in 2020!


Why did you decide to start your business?

I’m a designer by trade, I do leatherwork and other types of design work. I had been looking for different trade shows and markets to sell my products at. I called a place that had the word “rustic” in their name, and I asked her why it had the name Rustic and she said it was just a name and they had all sorts of vendors at the market. And I thought “Shoot well that’s not what I’m wanting.” The more I looked, I couldn’t find one that sold only handmade goods, so I created my own!

What’s a favorite memory in the business?

My favorite memory is one Fourth of July, one of the artisans overheard a man that he knew was from a big city say “this is an ACTUAL handmade market, I’ve never been to one like this” and I was like “Score one for the market!” You know? Because we don’t get to see them very often anymore.

What’s the most rewarding part about owning a business?

The most rewarding part about what I do at the Handmade Market is that I get to see people’s dreams come to life. With the market, it is my hope and actually a requirement for the owner and designer to be there so that I am not the only one that gets to experience the greatness of their product or why they do what they do. At every Handmade Market, we raise money of some kind. And for your local businesses, sometimes it brings in a new product because they really appreciate an artisan and they do a wholesale combination, so it’s been really great.

What is a tip you have for other small business owners?

I think the biggest tip is to do what you love and take care of the people that take care of you. I couldn’t do it without the artisans. There are days that I feel like I’ve conquered the world and other days I feel like I’m under a pile of paperwork, but you just keep moving!

If you had to choose one favorite meal to eat forever, what would it be?

I always go back to my grandmother’s pot roast! It’s just home and it’s warm and it’s safe and it’s good.

Panhandle Handmade Market
Christie Davis

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