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Edith Saucedo has a great eye for design and layout along with a strong passion for serving others. It was a simple choice for her to pursue opening Luna's Rentals Letters and Numbers in 2022. At Luna's Rentals, Edith is able to create unique backdrops and decorations for any event. Edith's creative background allows her to turn customer's visions into reality through her rental decorations.

Edith came to the SBDC in 2022 looking for guidance and assistance to launch her idea of starting a party rental store. In June of 2022, she worked closely with SBDC Senior Business Consultant Ana Ramirez who was able to provide Edith with information on how to start her business. Shortly after, Luna's Rentals Letters and Numbers opened for business!

We caught up with Edith to learn more about what Luna's Rentals is up to and what advice she has for other small businesses.


Year started: Luna's Rentals Letters and Numbers opened in 2022!

Why did you start your business: I started my business because I have always enjoyed decorating and serving others with my work. Through my business I am able to do both so families can enjoy their events.

Favorite memory in the business: So far my favorite memory is when I received my first set of letters and numbers as this was one of my first goals for my business. 

Most rewarding part of running a small business: The most rewarding part is that I get to meet lots of incredible people and be involved in their events. 

Hardest part of running a small business: The hardest part of owning a business is making sure clients are happy with our decorations and services provided. Each client is different and we strive to ensure their visions are being met. 

How does the business get to positively impact your community: Luna's Rentals is able to provide a great time for clients with our decorating where they can capture memories and take beautiful pictures. 

Biggest challenge in the business: The biggest challenge in my business is ensuring we are meeting each clients wants and needs. Since we offer so many different decoration options, we have to ensure we are meeting exactly what the customer has in mind. 

What makes Luna's Rentals different from your competition: Although we offer similar services to other businesses within our industry, Luna's Rentals is passionate about creating memories for our customers that will last them a lifetime

Best tip for others in business: I would tell other business owners to always remember to work hard for your customers. Your work is your passion, so share that with your customers. 

If you could travel to one era, which would it be? I would travel anywhere back in time so I could see the decorations and themes of each time period. I love incorporating unique designs into my work and this would give me the chance to study these time periods. 

Visit Luna's Rentals Letters and Numbers Facebook and keep up with all that they're doing!

Luna's Rentals Letters and Numbers
Edith Saucedo

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