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Paige Jones, owner of Fresh Page Counseling, is a true advocate for the mental health community. With a deep-seated passion for helping individuals navigate life's challenges and improve their emotional well-being, Paige has created a thriving environment for those seeking support and guidance. Her specialties are EMDR, animal assisted therapy, insomnia support, and she is particularly passionate about providing therapy for teens and women.


Paige came to America’s SBDC at WTAMU in December of 2020 and worked closely with SBDC Regional Director, Gina Woodward, to find potential office spaces and social media optimization. Paige is now working out of a new larger space and serving clients online and in-person in both individual and group sessions!

What is your name and what’s the name of your business?

Paige Jones and my business is Fresh Page Counseling


When did you open your business?

I had super great timing and I opened in January of 2020, right before Covid.


Why did you decide to start your business?

I started my business because I wanted to have an impact on the mental health community, and I wanted to grow the ways that I was doing counseling in more ways than I was doing it already.


What’s your favorite memory in the business?

That one’s tough. I've thought a lot about this because there’s a lot I can’t say, you know I have to speak in more general terms. So, my favorite memories are usually when somebody has a breakthrough or a moment when they’re feeling a lot better and I know it sounds odd, but a lot of the times when a client is ready to graduate therapy. I’ve had a lot of clients tell me they think they’ll be a lifelong client and when they tell me “I think I’m ready to not be a client anymore”, I get excited because it’s like they’re leaving the nest and going on to bigger, better things.


What’s the most rewarding thing about owning a business?

I think the actual work is the most rewarding part. I do deep trauma work, so I help people through the hardest things they’ve ever been through so that’s the most rewarding part.


How does your business get to positively impact your community?

I have been passionate about bringing different parts of the community together, not even just the mental health community! I purposely moved into a larger space because I want to bring yoga practitioners in, a nutritionist and many parts of other businesses because I believe that it’s important to incorporate all parts of a person’s life. It’s not just about one part healing, you must bring all parts together. I would even like to bring in people who doing budgeting and things like that, which I think would make a big difference.


What makes your business different from you competition?

In many ways, I don’t see myself as having competition. That’s because I see almost everyone else who does counseling as a collaborator. We’re so overrun right now, everyone has a waiting list, everyone is so busy right now, I think we must see each other as collaborators. However, I am also trying to work on a new way of treating trauma from the moment that you say hello to someone, and I think that that is something that will eventually set me apart. That’s more of a research-based thing, which is not something every counselor is doing but there are a few of us out there.

Get in touch with Paige on her website and follow her on Facebook for regular tips!

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