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Pioneer in the sky. Andrew McKinney started his own company, Express Aerial Solutions, in 2014 and was the first company to lease drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Growing up in a family with a long history of service through police and fire, he saw the need for UAVs to help first responders in a variety of ways such as searching for criminals and helping fight fires. Fast forward to 2018, when his successful company was on the radar of his biggest competitors and he was bought out by Unmanned Vehicle Technologies, a tech company that manufactures UAVs. This partnership has allowed McKinney to focus on one-on-one attention and training with customers across the nation, and that has allowed them to become proficient UAV owners. In addition to helping first responders at events like South by Southwest where UAVs are a crucial aspect of their security, McKinney also works with the ag industry to monitor fields and count cattle. When he looks at the impact he’s been able to have with clients, especially first responders, he can’t help but be struck with the idea that the work he is doing could help save the life of a friend or family member.

UPDATE: Express Aerial Solutions has since been acquired by Unmanned Vehicle Technologies!

Express Aerial Solutions

Andrew McKinney

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