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Supporting Local Creators.


Brandy and Ember Reed started Dreamflyt Station in 2019. Located in Tulia, Texas, Dreamflyt Station is host to local makers and artisans selling their unique creations. Brandy strives to showcase the talent and value of their goods while also connecting these artists to customers who will love their products. It is also a learning experience for Ember, who dreams of owning her own business one day.


Brandy said her biggest challenge before CoVid-19 was that she didn’t have inventory until the day before opening when grateful local vendors began bringing their wares. Brandy has managed to innovate even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Her latest task was setting getting Dreamflyt online via Shopify.. Being online means she can reach more customers who want unique Texas-made goods and the makers she hosts can reach new audiences.


“Community over competition” has been the foundation of all that Brandy does at Dreamflyt. The local makers whose wares she sells have benefited from her passion to help others be and do their best. ------------------------

Visit Brandy online at:

Dreamflyt Station

Brandy Reed

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