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Three Generations of Design.

Gloria Jackson Gummelt was the talented matriarch of her family and had perfected the art of organization to keep her work, family and hobbies running smoothly. She and her daughter Robin had an eye for design, and together they thrived while decorating people’s homes, offices, and parties. Gloria and Robin, along with Robin’s husband Todd and son Trey opened Bella Décor in October of 2018. They always dreamed of one day owning their own décor store and felt fulfilled “being able to see how people make their homes, offices, or any place more beautiful with items purchased from Bella Décor”, Robin says.

Gloria recently passed and now Robin’s son Trey has taken on her legacy, designing and managing the store. “He inherited her good taste and skills and has been an asset to our business”, Robin says, “After I go to Market, he gets to work making the store beautiful!”

More than anything, Robin loves the Amarillo community and support she has received since opening her store. This year has been unlike any other for them with many tribulations like the COVID-19 pandemic and her mother’s passing. Robin found daily motivation by remembering how her mom would ask her to never give up and keep the dream alive. That is what she plans to do and she knows that the Amarillo community is here to support her every step of the way.

Visit Robin, Todd and Trey online at:

Bella Decor

Robin and Trey McFarland

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