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     The pandemic was rough on a lot of people, but Angela used it as a catalyst to start living the life she wanted. She set out to start her own business that not only had an electric, joyful atmosphere but also impacted the children and generations to come. “It is also very important to me that all of the children that come in get a free book. Reading is the first step in learning, and learning is the first step in making changes that affect the world.”

     While the pandemic started a successful turn for Angela, it did cause a few struggles along the way. Angela stated, “Opening while there was still a worldwide pandemic in full force was a challenge.” Alongside with opening comes the marketing and advertising of her business. “Getting the word out that we were here and letting people know that we were committed to keeping them as safe as possible while shopping with us was key.” Thanks to the SBDC at WT for all their help, the marketing classes they provided, and just an overall support system made my business a little more successful.


     My advice to anyone wanting to start a dream life of their own is: 1. “Use ALL of the resources available to you! The SBDC and its staff are invaluable.” 2. “Ask every single question, no matter how trivial you think it is.” 3. Last and most importantly, “Network with others every chance you get. Get out in the community and be involved!” These are a few tips for other starting business owners that could help them be successful in the entrepreneurial area.  

Here are a few fun questions we asked Angela. 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

-     An Interior Designer. I begged for a Barbie Dream house and then gutted it and made it the Angela Dreamhouse with wallpaper samples and scraps of fabric that there was never a shortage of at my house growing up!

How would you describe yourself in one word? Why? 

-     Capricious. One never knows quite what to expect. I can be pretty moody, and I crave constant change. My husband is so happy I can reaarrange the store daily now instead of the furniture in our house!

What is your favorite book?

-     "The Little Prince" by Antoine De Saint Exupery

What do you think you’re much better at than you actually are?

-     Planning. I always plan on being good at planning, but I forget and then it's too late and the plan has passed.

Aunt EEK's Books and Curiosities 
Angela Workman

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