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This month's small business highlight is Antojos Ice Cream Shop! Owned by Eunice Trejo, Antojos is a seasonal, food truck style, ice cream shop. Eunice and Antojos are known for their unique drinks, ice cream, and friendly customer service. Eunice started her business in 2022 and is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more!

Meet Eunice!

My name is Eunice Trejo, I’m the owner of Antojos Ice Cream Shop. We opened our business in September 2022, it was a bit of a weird time to open because we’re a seasonal truck so we closed in November and then just reopened again for this  year in march.


Why did you decide to start your own business?

It was always a life goal of mine to have something I could call my own.  Then of course when we had our son, it was more of a bigger push to be able to provide him with a better life.


What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

In our experience, It’s that we do everything ourselves, it can be draining sometimes but rewarding. My husband does have another job that helps provide for our family so time is definitely a hill that we have to fight with.


What makes your business different from your competition?

I think every small business has something unique about themselves. I think for us, we try and go above and beyond for our customers. We always give free samples and we try to not only serve them good products but a good service.


Do you have tips for other people starting small businesses?

I think the best tip would be don’t be afraid to ask for help, the food truck community has been so wonderful towards me whenever I had questions or concerns so I would just say don’t be afraid to ask for help. And then do what you know is best for you and your business, everyone will have opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do but at the end of the day its your business and you’ll know what’s best for yourself.


What’s something you wish you had known before you started?

I think something that I would have loved to know and that I want to share with anyone watching is that, you’re going to have a lot of friendships that come when you start a new business. I am so thankful for the food truck community that has welcomed me with open arms and the friendships that have come with it, not only with the food truck owners but also with your clients. There are so many clients of mine that I hold dearly to my heart. Not only that but whatever you do, make sure you do it with your clients in mind. I try and keep my client’s best interest at heart especially those with allergies or food restrictions. I would say a piece of advice is to do whatever is best for your clients with whatever product or service your provide.

Antojos Ice Cream Shop
Eunice Trejo 

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