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           Patty and her team of “hustlers” wanted to bring healthy eating in a fun and beautiful way to the Amarillo area. So they tested out their stunning Açaí bowls at The Amarillo Community Market! In the summer of 2016, Center City hosted this market every Saturday and it was a resounding success, filled with people from all over the Texas Panhandle who love and support all things local! Turns out, the Açaí berry, along with all of the other fresh and local ingredients, was a huge hit! Patty took the feedback and following she gained from the Amarillo Community Market and decided to really pursue this dream by visiting David at the SBDC. They put together a plan of financial projections to map out the course of her start-up for The Açaí Bar. Now, Patty and her team put passion in every Açaí bowl and fruit-filled dish they serve!