#SBDCDay - Marcella Furs & Leather - Success Story

           An #SBDC helps open a business every 30 minutes. This is one of those businesses:

           What started as a test of faith, Marcie Rea has transformed into a testament of entrepreneurship and determination! Marcella Furs & Leather was and still is the first of its kind in the Amarillo area. With the help of David at the SBDC almost 14 years ago, Marcie matched the strength of her dream with the promise of financial projections in order to build Marcella Furs & Leather. One of our oldest clients has become one of our greatest success stories as well as a landmark for fashion in Amarillo, Texas.

            #SBDCDay is an awesome day to reflect on all the wonderful business owners we are honored to assist in the Texas Panhandle. The dream of an entrepreneur is of hope and courage. These dreams are made possible by SBDCs all over the nation. Specifically in Texas, we breed a different type of people. Tenacity and endurance is basically in the blood of a Texas entrepreneur. We are privileged to help guide innovators like Marcie into their dreams and help turn them into realities.